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Open Letter to All Americans

Welcome to Cybracero Systems.

These days, it’s hard to avoid the news: America is facing a crisis unlike any seen before. A combination of economic catastrophes and international security challenges threatens the very fabric of our nation.

Central to these challenges is one issue: immigration.

Immigration is an economic issue -- in many sectors our economy relies on immigrant labor. It is also a security issue -- our borders must be sealed.

However, if America solves the immigration crisis through true border security, it could further weaken the economy, by removing a source of low cost labor.

CYBRACERO SYSTEMS believes “We can have it all!”

Our business model is the first to use network technology, and cutting-edge robotics, to create a final solution to the immigration crisis – and keep America competitive along the way.

On this site, we’ll elaborate on exactly how the multiple challenges facing America can be turned into opportunities. This is a time of great change, and for CYBRACERO SYSTEMS, great hope.

        Roger Buck, CEO


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