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Someone had a dream.
Cybracero Systems’ technology made it possible.

It may sound like a dream or the plot of a sci-fi movie but Cybracero Systems has made it possible: Today, hundreds of employers and thousands of employees work in a perfect, green and mutually beneficial relationship, that is above all, productive and profitable.

Meet some of the people that are making history.


  • “Ya, the economy is tough, but with the 24/7 access to the Cybracero workforce its like taking the candy from a baby. I've blown my sales quota for the last 3 months, and we're actually on target for early completion of a number of projects”

    Oleg Tonkin. Owner of construction company, Aalborg, Denmark.

    • “Business is delightful! Using Cybracero I get to decrease my overheads, increase my profits and travel 90% of the time"
    • Madeline Swanmire. Haute couture designer / fashion house owner. Los Angeles, USA.
    • “Cybracero is such a great thing. My life is so busy and now I have more time and I don’t have to worry about all the immigrants in my back yard”
    • Heather Collins with family in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.
    • "Node workers are the best cab drivers in London, and when they’re driving from Tijuana, they’re even better”.
    • Peter Richardson. Owner of taxi cab company, London, UK
    • “With Cybracero live is safer for my workers, translation issues are a thing of the past, and as my costs are lower my profits are way up!"
    • Jack Hank. Owner of oil rig service company, Houston, Texas, USA